Only 5 available!

Several times per year, RAPS ships out books and publications to members placing orders. Click here to view a list of the hard copy books that are currently available for purchase. For example, “Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs” is updated mid-year and is extremely popular among our community. RAPS typically sends out about 4,000 book shipments per year!

We are now offering companies (limited to 5 organizations) the ability to sponsor and place a promotional insert directly into the RAPS shipment!

Why this is valuable to sponsors:

  • Materials placed directly into order packaging for 12 months

  • Officially sent from RAPS warehouse

  • Sponsor will not be responsible for mailing cost, simply ship inserts to RAPS and they will package, insert and mail

  • Use this opportunity for a promotional offering, incentive or content/white paper

Annual Investment: $3,000