RAPS Article Series

A quarterly series of electronic publications of Regulatory Focus technical articles, case studies, interviews and research reports. The in-depth, topic-focused articles are intended to benefit regulatory professionals responsible for healthcare related products.

  • Circulation is to all RAPS Members (16,000+)

  • Available for one year in RAPS Member Library

Full page – 8.5” x 11” in pdf format

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Upcoming 2019 Issues and Deadlines:

Risk Management and Quality

  • Deadline: 1/3/19

  • Artwork: 1/7/19

Global Regulatory Strategies and Best Practices

  • Deadline: 4/4/19

  • Artwork: 4/8/19

All ads are in color.

Regulatory Management and Leadership

  • Deadline: 7/3/19

  • Artwork: 7/8/19

Regulatory Intelligence and Policy

  • Deadline: 10/3/19

  • Artwork: 10/7/19


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