Regulatory Focus is the primary member publication serving the entire RAPS community. This online magazine offers the best way to reach the highest number of active decision makers in the global regulatory community. The writers are well connected and have a pulse on the regulatory community which resonates well with RAPS members. Because of this, Regulatory Focus is the most popular page visited on with an average of 200,000 page views.

The number one member benefit by RAPS members. This is the only source of timely, quality regulatory news, information and analysis that is fully dedicated to covering regulatory issues associated with healthcare products and the regulatory profession.

Responsive design site that delivers content and ad messages to any platform at any time. Pages updated multiple times daily with current news. 

Exclusive top banner (animated gif or expandable accepted)
970 x 90 pixels
If expandable - expands to 970 x 415 pixels (advertiser to provide code per RAPS specs)
Mobile version 300 x 50 pixels

$4,000/mo (1-3 months)
$3,750/mo (4-6 months)
$3,500/mo (7+ months)

For animated banners:

  1. A subtle approach, less motion is best for the regulatory audience. Speed of the animation would preferably change at a slow-to-moderate pace and stop after 3 cycles.

  2. Keep the message simple – The message should not have too much text or information.

  3. Link the ad directly to the content you are advertising.

Exclusive sidebar
300 x 600 pixels

$3,250/mo (1-3 months)
$3,000/mo (4-6 months)
$2,750/mo (7-12 months)

Run of site package (includes 2 ads, 10 advertisers maximum)
728 x 90 pixels
300 x 250 pixels

$2,800/mo (1-3 months)
$2,450/mo (4-6 months)
$2,200/mo (7-12 months)

Bottom banner (run of site)
728 x 90  pixels

$2,200/mo (1-3 months)
$1,900/mo (4-6 months)
$1,600/mo (7+ months)

Include “Alt” text and link URL. Logos/pictures must be saved as JPG, static GIF (animation is allowed ONLY for Exclusive top banner), or PNG at 72 dpi.

Exclusive Sponsored Content - $5,500 per month

Each month, advertisers can submit 300-1,200 words of text and a hyperlink to advertiser content (hyperlink must be a tracking URL).

All submissions must be approved by RAPS before posting
RAPS reserves the right to reject any submitted content
Acceptance of sponsored content in no way constitutes a RAPS endorsement of the product, service or vendor

Specs and Submission Requirements:

Ads are due by the 25th of the previous month.
Please submit jpg, gif format or PNG at 72 dpi. No animation.
Ads and links can be sent to