Targeted ENews - Medical Devices, Pharma, Biotech

By popular demand, RAPS has created 3 new monthly eNewsletters focusing individually on: Medical Devices, Pharma, and Biotech. Each eNewsletter is sent at the end of every month, and aggregates the top ten most important articles relating to each topic. This is a wonderful opportunity to focus on a specific audience within the RAPS community.

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Horizontal Banner: 468 x 60 pixels
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3x: $1,650/ad

Featured Integrated Content
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3x: $1,650/ad


  • 17,000 recipients

  • 21% average open rate

  • Sent the last Tuesday of every month

Medical Devices - Nearly Sold Out

  • 18,000 recipients

  • 22% average open rate

  • Sent the last Wednesday of every month


  • 17,000 recipients

  • 20% average open rate

  • Sent the last Thursday of every month

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